Please note: The fitness program is for employees only.

Regular Schedule

First St. Location: Every Thursday

12:00pm - Yoga (60 min) starts

O’Nel Dr. Location: Every Tuesday in Grand Canyon Room

11:30am - Yoga (60 min)
12:30pm- Bootcamp (45 min)


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Class Descriptions

Yoga (60 Min)

This is the best class for all levels of yogis. We will implement the fundamentals of a yoga practice, including breath, proper alignment, and mindfulness practices. This class is useful for those trying to work around injuries, relieve stress, and get their joints and muscles through some range of motion. Limited mats provided. Feel free to bring your own!

Bootcamp (45 Min)

This class is inclusive to all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an ultra-marathoner, we will make sure you get a great workout while moving safely and performing movements with proper technique.

Meditation (30 Min)

This class provides simple and effective breath and meditation exercises to apply in our daily lives to release mental, emotional, and physical tension. We will practice ways of working with the breath and a variety of meditation styles to enhance our capacity to be healthy, calm, aware, and fully present.


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