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Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, we'll create the right health and wellness services to fit your culture. 



How it Works

Blue J. works with companies to create a positive work culture through health and wellness. Our services range from fully-executed onsite wellness programs to special organized team building events. Corporate wellness shouldn’t be boring. Creating unique and dynamic programs that consistently evolve over time ensure the best possibility of long term success.

You tell us what suits your team, we do the rest. It's that easy!


Onsite Wellness Program

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Team Events




Why Corporate Wellness Matters

 *source: Harvard School of Public Health

*source: Harvard School of Public Health


Reduce Healthcare costs

Offering a wellness program is a chance to educate your employees on the benefits of healthy behaviors which can lead to a reduction in use of healthcare benefits, and ultimately lower healthcare costs.

Encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices

Our corporate wellness program provides employees with the resources to alleviate stress, as well as to focus on personal development.

Reduce Turnover Rate

According to to the Center of America Progress, the cost of losing an employee can cost anywhere up to 213% of the salary for a highly trained position. Simply investing in the well-being of your employees could reduce these turnover costs.