Weekly Lessons #1 - Quality of Food

Ways to succeed in this challenge:

Weekly Lesson #1 Shop Perimter.PNG

Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

If it’s perishable, it is likely fresh and comes from the earth. If not, then check out the ingredient list. If it’s comprised of things that are natural foods, then good to go! Take salsa for instance, you’ll find tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime. Does it come in a package? Yes, but the ingredients in it are found in nature. Are there some salsas that have added chemicals, preservatives, and things you don’t understand? If so, then opt for a version that is comprised of whole foods.

Weekly Lesson #1 Meal Prep.PNG

Meal Prepping

This is going to be a BIG component of your upcoming weeks. It’s easiest to control what you eat if you make it yourself. The most common meal prep method is the Sunday Ritual: create a shopping list, go on a big grocery trip on Sunday and take some time that day to prepare your breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners for the week so you always have a healthy option to grab!

This week, we are including a weekly task that is Prepare Your Week. You may be eating out certain days and you may be preparing your food others. We want you to take 5 minutes out of your week to take a look ahead and see which days you’ll need to plan for. If you’re eating out you can still stay the course! Take a look at the menu ahead of time to find some approved foods :)

Weekly Lesson #1 Accountability.PNG

Holding Yourself Accountable  

This program is about resetting your view on food as fuel and how it fits into your goals and lifestyle. Over these 6-weeks, adhering to your personalized nutrition plan and the approved food list will give you the best results. However, does that mean that if you slip up and have something not on the list that you’ve failed? No! Just as long as if you do veer from the list, it’s for a purpose, rather than just eating a bag of potato chips because you wanted to ;)

In life, we have special occasions we want to celebrate where we may not eat healthy and clean. Over these 6-weeks, we want you to adhere to the bootcamp guidelines to the best of your ability, but if you slip up, hold yourself accountable, deduct your points on the food log app, and then write in the entry field at the bottom what your purpose was for slipping up. We will be reading these!

We are all human and can’t be perfect. As long as we recognize these instances and then get back on the horse the next meal, you’ll be ok. That’s what we are aiming for you guys to find during this challenge - your own method of accountability.

Week 1 Homework
✅ Plan Your meals for the week!

Whether you like to write it down on paper, type it in your phone, or enter it in your calendar, we want you to start thinking about what your week is going to look like and how you can set your meals based on your individualized plan.

Tip- Refer to the food list and highlight things you know you like to eat. This will help narrow down your meals.

Janet Navarrette