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Don't let travel plans get in the way of your fitness! Keep up with your routine while you’re away. ✈️💪🏻

These workouts are designed to be relative to your intensity. The harder you are willing to work, the harder and more intense th workouts will feel. Conversely, if you're looking to just move and get a good sweat, you can move at a steady pace and achieve that as well. 

AMRAP - As Many Rounds or Reps as Possible
DB - Dumbbells
KBS - Kettlebell Swings
WOD -  Workout of the Day


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This is a longer endurance workout that you can do outside or on a treadmill. Find a comfortable pace in the beginning and as the distance and reps get shorter, move a little faster.

This one should be FAST! Pick a dumbbell weight where you can do all 21 thrusters unbroken. Sit-ups and push-ups should be unbroken as well!

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This workout will not only test your lungs, but also your mind! Can you mentally stay engaged doing big sets of burpees? Presses should be at a weight not too challenging, something you can do at least 7-8 unbroken.

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The meaty part of the workout is sandwiched in between two 800m runs. The dips can be done on a bench, box, or chair. Your goal for the workout is to not only get the most rounds you can in the 12 minutes, but also to get the same 800m time or faster on the second run. 


We all love BURPEES!! Try to keep moving at a fast pace for the entire 3 minutes, since you have a one minute rest between each section. BONUS: Repeat an additional 3 min AMRAP of your choice!

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Rest 2 minutes between each AMRAP. Keep everything unbroken and move at a fast pace. Use DBs for squats and lunges for an extra challenge. 

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The 10 minutes on a cardio machine should be at a 70-75% percent perceived effort. Meaning, you can still maintain a conversation. Then, the 10 rounds of work is meant to be as fast as possible.

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Your goal is move at a consistent pace, keeping the reps as unbroken as possible. Use a weight where you can do at least 8 without stopping. Try to push for a score of 3 rounds!!

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If you’re enjoying a beach vacation, this workout is for you! The workout starts and ends with one minute of burpees and the 8 rounds are sandwiched in between. 

Janet Navarrette