Tips for Better Sleep 🌙

Sleep is SO important, but oftentimes because we have so much going on in our lives we don’t treat it as a priority. These bad sleep habits can catch up to you and effect your health long term. If counting sheep just isn’t’ working out for you, here are some tips on how to catch those Zzzzss.


Signs your sleep habits aren’t working for you:

  • Your mind is foggy

  • You’re moody

  • You’re getting sick a lot

  • You’re struggling with weight

  • Your workouts feel too hard

Tips for a restful night:

As backwards as it sounds, a good night’s sleep starts with your morning.

Waking up
If possible wake up at the appropriate time. You’ll feel better and more alert if you wake from a light sleep stage.

Be awakened by light. This naturally raises your cortisol and the slow rise helps you feel alert and relaxed.

Before Bed

Clear you mind by writing down any thoughts you have in your head. This preps you for relaxation.

Stick to a reasonable bedtime. This teaches your body when to release calming hormones to help you fall asleep.

Next Level Habits for Better Sleep

  • Turn off electronics

  • Take a bath or shower

  • Set your room to a neutral temperature

  • Make the room as dark as possible

Janet Navarrette