It's officially been one year since Blue J. started! I guess what they say is right, time flies when you're completely stressed, working hard, commuting to different sites, doing your own admin work, marketing, networking, and...having fun.

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I created Blue J. with the vision of making workplaces somewhere employees can be healthier, happier, and better versions of themselves. 

It's been a year of ups and downs with plenty of learning experiences and I'm excited to continue to work hard, spread the Blue J. love and see where it grows. 

More of What’s to Come!

Community will always be the core of everything we do. So you can expect plenty more community events in the future. 

We're hoping to build a humble team who share the same passion and will help promote our mission.

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The more companies we partner with, the more people we can help, so we're always looking to expand our clientele. 


We are proud and grateful for every moment, big and small! Here are some highlights from this past year!

Janet Navarrette