Productive Wellness : 4 Benefits of Office Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️

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The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has spread through wellness communities like the “Flossing” dance craze swept the internet. Although I don’t foresee us outlawing sitting on airplanes any time soon, the detriments of sitting are undeniable. As any veteran desk-jockey can attest to, sitting wreaks havoc on your health. Not just your physical health (organ damage, muscle degeneration, leg disorders), but also mental health (depression, foggy brain, fatigued central nervous system). So what can we do to keep our office productive and successful for the long-haul? The solution is simple y’all, Office Yoga. Here are a few evidence based benefits of bringing Yoga into the office. 

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  1. Increased Energy - We’ve all experienced that midday lull and find ourselves in dire need of some extra energy. Instead of slugging back yet another coffee, yoga will wake up the circulatory system and positively activate the nervous system to bring new life into the body! Not only does office yoga provide a spur of energy, but it also wards off the dreaded burnout feeling that is far too common in office culture. Published in 2005, a study focused on providing nurses with yoga at work. Despite working a physically and emotionally demanding job, 100% of nurses reported increased energy levels and decreased feelings of burnout.

  2. Stress Management - Let’s be real, work can be a major source of stress. Particularly for those of us with standards of excellence towards success. The pressure can take a serious toll on employees. In a recent study, University of Utah monitored brain activity from people in pain. Participants who regularly practiced yoga exhibited significantly less of a stressful reaction when put in slight amounts of pain. Yoga is associated with a strong decrease in stress hormones, and increase in confidence hormones. In essence, your body and mind become more resilient to stress. 

  3. Enhanced Focus & Productivity - You may be thinking, “I already need an 8th day in the week or a 5th quarter in the year - how on earth do I make time for yoga? That’s 30-60 minutes I can’t respond to emails or take a phone call.” Get this, after a yoga practice, the increased ability to focus is undeniable. In 2014, the New York Post asked Josh Schuster (president of a successful New York real estate company) about his use of yoga in the office. Schuster boasted of the tremendous burst of work he gets finished after his moving meditation. He reported, “I become so much more focused if I’m not stressed, because I can zero in on what matters to me”. He added that despite working 13 hours in a day, he accomplishes 20 hours of work after 60 minutes of yoga.

  4. Health & Longevity - We’ve laid out how yoga mitigates stress, increases focus, and heightens energy levels. Now we zoom out to the big picture - how yoga is an investment in long term health. In 2012, Harvard University published an extensive study about the effects of yoga on physical and mental health. Their evidence concluded that office yoga can manage or prevent many chronic health conditions. High blood pressure, insomnia, depression/anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and even cancer treatment outcomes can improve with regular yoga. 

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By making a little time for yoga, your office can experience numerous benefits. Looking to lead your office to a more successful future?

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- Jules Bautista
Yoga Instructor/Staff Writer