Coach Cheryl has recently added NEW MOM to her list of what makes her awesome! She's shared some thoughts about breastfeeding which is important for everyone to read! When we begin to share and revel in the wonderful functionalities of our bodies (especially for women), we will come to appreciate and be proud of what we're capable of and less worried of just pure aesthetics. 



Breastfeeding. One thing they don't tell new moms how beautiful, frustrating, meaningful, and challenging it can be.

Feeding in the car. Clogged ducts. Scheduling your life. Long nights. Excess milk production. Not enough milk production. Sore nipples. National geographic areolas. Stressing overhydration. Battling distracted infants. Soothing distracted infants. Their little arm grasping at your hair and shirt as they drink. Their little eyes rolling back after a latch. Their limp, relaxed body as you burp them over your shoulder and they melt into your soul. 

Breastfeeding in public just became legal in all 50 states. Prior to that, it was deemed indecent exposure. The human body and maternal bond is something to be cherished and celebrated. Not only does feeding sustain life, it provides immunity, growth hormones, enzymes, and so much more. 

Although I haven't returned to pre-pregnancy weight or shape, I constantly am reminding myself of how proud I am of my new purpose. I may never go back. But that's ok because I am a different person now. 

Women are under immense pressure to "bounce back" after such a primal, ground shaking experience as birth into motherhood. "Too fat. Needs makeup. Bigger lips. No wrinkles." Be the person YOU want to be, not what society tells you to adhere to.

So I write this as I'm feeding Jarrett in one arm. To all of the moms who can feed, who can't, who have bounced back, who haven't, measure your worth by your ability to provide the best life for your loved ones. 

Lawmakers finally deeming breastfeeding as an unalienable right is the first step, but the movement continues by our demand for change, and that comes from an empowered electorate.

- Cheryl Licon Hargrove